Football Helmet Testing, circa 1912


We initiated this project in 2012. Third generation prototypes are now being constructed, for further testing. Unlike most current helmets, laboratory testing is being done for both linear and rotational acceleration of the brain.

Preliminary independent laboratory testing indicates a reduction in linear and rotational acceleration of the brain compared to commercially available football helmets. The helmet is also over 30% lighter.

HitGard®‘s shell also extends the average duration of impact by over 127% compared to a leading  helmet, which further serves to reduce the force of the hit.

In recent testing by an independent lab, HitGard football helmets performed better than one of the best-selling helmets, in terms of reducing linear and rotational acceleration of the head and reduction of the Severity Index.

Laboratory tests results are not absolute indicators of the degree of protection afforded by helmets against on-field head trauma. But laboratory test results can be used to compare and certify various helmet models relative to energy absorption, reduction of linear and rotational head/brain acceleration, etc. These factors are measurable.

However, there are other factors that are not measurable but equally important in terms of protective value to the pro or young football player. These include how a softer, flexible, and smaller helmet could prevent the helmet from becoming a dangerous weapon; and how a lighter-weight helmet compared to the weight of the head might reduce potential damage to young still developing brains and necks.

A lighter helmet enables the player to keep his/her head raised up so that he/she will be complying with USA Football’s Heads Up concussion program.

Baytech’s HitGard helmet has been designed to incorporate both types of factors…both measurable and non-measurable.

We will not fully commercialize this product until we are certain that this innovative helmet will meet or exceed all of our design parameters as well as meet or exceed all existing safety certification standards. 





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